Quotes about Philip Burton’s poetic style:

‘I wish you the very best…. with the wider success of your writing. I especially value the formal command of these poems, and feel sure that they will be published soon.’

– Jonathan Edwards, September 2020

about a landscape I recognize and love

– Michael Schmidt

…interested in words … a sure sense of rhythm… striking images

– Copland Smith

…he’s got serious things to say

– Derrick Buttress

….. a deft observer … conveys felt emotion with no little skill

– Michael W. Thomas

…poems sizzle and rasp…..not derivative but immediate and deeply felt…deserves a wider audience!

– Barry Tebb

Gillian Clarke, about Philip’s poem A Fine Line

“…a tribute to a craftsman of the past, lovingly imagined in seven rhyming and half-rhyming stanzas. I love the detail, the language of carpentry, horse-drawn wagons, and the turn of the mood in the penultimate line with the sad eye-line of Heartbreak Pier.”

Reviews of “Philip Burton’s collection for children of all ages, The Treasure Shop”:

“It would appeal to a child of any age; lovely cover and the illustrations are super, and generously spread throughout the book… It is a clever idea to arrange the poems in age order … Compliments to the printer too (nu-age); I like the weight and clarity, and the feel of the cover.”

– D.A. Prince

Reviews of “Too young to forget”, Poems 1998 – 2010,  Philip Burton

“I’m impressed by the energy … There’s vigour in the forms and an excitement in the vocabulary; it has a sense of making-new in each poem, and that curiosity for what can be done best with words, and what will come next… (the poems) felt as though they had a natural fit together… a great deal of work at the craft level …there is never any sense that the poems come from anything other than inspiration.”

“It’s a handsome book – I think that’s the right word for one that sits firm and well-balanced, and has such a striking cover.”

– D.A. Prince

 “It looks great.”

– Indigo Dreams Publishing LTD

“What an achievement! Well done. I never imagined there’d be so much work in one volume.”

– Lynn Bushell – cover artist

“Mercurial poetry with a sure touch. An impressive and very enjoyable collection.”

Other Poetry Reviews, Other Poetry, Series 4, Number 4.

Reviews of “The moon on a shoestring”, Poems by Philip Burton

I admire the range of Philip’s writing, the energy and liveliness of itt, his amazing mastery of rhyme, and his wit

Anne Ryland, winner of the Kent and Sussex poetry competition 2009