New Publication

The Life Dsylexic (2022)

Philip’s next poetry book is THE LIFE DYSLEXIC (Palewell Press), due to be published in June 2022.

GAIA Warnings (2021)

Philip Burton’s collection GAIA WARNINGS, Palewell Press (PUB), 2021  

A copy/copies of the book of sixty poems 

can be purchased at £7-99 plus postage from  

and is also available from Waterstones and Amazon 


Please also see Jocelyn Simms Segora review in the Spring Newsletter. (   


Some reviews:  

I especially value the formal command of these poems.  

                         Jonathan Edwards, Editor of Poetry Wales  

Close observations of the natural world, celebrating its joyous richness…  

  1. A. Prince, poet and reviewer 

Philip Burton’s evocations are an important and relevant access point  

to nature’s plight.  

                        Jack Plumb, Communications and Engagement, Back from the Brink   


Review by Jocylin Simms in the Segora Spring Newsletter 2021 

Gaia Warnings by Philip Burton, Palewell Press, £8.99 is an urgent rallying cry to the public to engage with the environment. The New Forest Child asks: Where is the forest where children play? Is it out back? The reply is: ‘Oh no we are terribly modern. Hardstanding and gravel . . . to ensure each child stays within vision, is clean and learns not to care.’ Philip has supported Segora over many years and lives in Lancashire very close to where my parents were born and where Gordon worked for several years. We did not meet during that time – it took our joint love of poetry to bring us together. I’ll leave you with a thought expressed in Wheat Sheds a Tear: ‘envenomed rain, the ham-fisted doling of chemical fixes, billions in each gram of soil – the knowing next winter will widen the river and rip-tides dissolve all scent of life.’ An informative and necessary collection for all who care about the planet.

“I will be returning again and again to Gaia Warnings. That ‘envenomed rain’  

really gets me.” 

Jocelyn Simms

A powerful reminder of what we stand to lose.

Gillian H. Wallis 

Philip Burton’s pamphlet collection, titled His Usual Theft was published in May 2017 by Indigo Dreams (pub.)

The Indigo Dreams publishers, Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling, jointly won the ed Slade award for services to poetry in 2015.

 His Usual Theft is a hope-filled poetic voyage through a landscape of failure, crime, and major natural disasters. The poet gives voice to a wonderful range of human responses to life at its most precarious.