Jabberwocky Junior sobbed
in tulgey-shaded boroside.
Outgrabed of proper legal venge
he upped and manxome cried,

“Death to the snicker-snack one!
I brilligly will supertrash
this vorpal Super Mario
and smutter his young hash!”

A nerdy sneakington he had
with Google Bird and Bandersnatch
and hacky viruses were fed
via a cable patch.

“Download we they! Callooh! Callay!
Go, Naninf C. and Naninf D.,
endamp his frumious firewall
and bleed his McAfee!

They hit the hero’s webbysites
and his virtual data room
where botnet and where teegrube bytes
mandalaid unschtum’d.

NAV infrascoped his MP3.
His SD RAM dispersed as SPAM.
His server hit the panic with,
“I don’t know where I am!”

Deleted were extension’d files
and mimsy freeware data store.
Thus did Jabberwocky J.
lose dad, but win the war.

JABBERHACKY won the Star Magazine rhyming poetry competition, 2006.